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Courtesy Reminder: use menu items above to see each of our services.Our Institute is performance and service driven. We utilize our research strength to get results. We are a team of experienced international business people who understand real world challenges. Today's is a global economy where translating ideas into revenue internationally is increasingly critical. We recognize that most United States intellectual property and technology never finds its way to commercialization in international markets. This is a waste of our Country's valuable resources and potential exports. There are many markets internationally where such innovation could be of great benefit. Through our services, it is our mission that we be a primary means to commercialize and monetize intellectual property and technology globally and cost effectively. Leveraging intellectual property and technology into markets outside the United States is a complex process. We have the academic and real world expertise to get this "done". We provide the critical data on that process to make it possible. We then provide the information and services necessary to identify the opportunities to do so. Our value lies in assisting both United States innovators and potential purchasers of such innovation outside the United States to a successful transaction. We do this within the highest standards of ethics.

We offer four principal “products” and offer a bundle of services around them to US exporters. These four products are: “country opportunity reports”; “industry opportunity reports”; “identifying potential clients, customers or business partner reports”; and contacting and negotiating an export or technology transfer project to the term sheet level”. Each of these products is offered at a “fixed fee” price. Each of the first three reports are priced at $5000.00 each. The last project is offered at either $15,000.00 or 5% of the gross profit from the transaction negotiated. We also offer two products to overseas importers which are "in-bound" versions of our "identification reports" and our contacting and negotiating an export or technology transfer project to the term sheet level. For detailed information regarding each of these product offerings, please click on the product name in the Client Services Menu to the left.

We offer support services bundled around each of these products. Part of the fixed fee includes two hours of consulting time with our professional staff making recommendations regarding how to implement the information contained in each of the reports. We will also involve Founding Sponsors and Professional Sponsors in this professional support process to bring their expertise to bear as applicable for each project. Where applicable, we will introduce our clients to complimentary organizations that can assist them in the country or countries where they intend to do business.

The UNA Institute is in a fortunate position as a state owned and controlled enterprise to be provided with introductions to many foreign companies seeking to access United States companies, particularly for technology transfer purposes. These introductions are largely generated from institutions similar to our own internationally or foreign governments. Our own foreign importer support programs also identify specific target goods, services and technology they wish to source from the United States. As a result, we will reach out to specific industry members of the United States business community with these opportunities and bundle them into one of the above product offerings where applicable for our Clients.

We provide free export and technology transfer seminars regionally, nationally and internationally. We also offer networking and dignitary events and trade missions which are industry and export country specific. As an educational institution dedicated to serving the public, we are proud to take our knowledge and expertise where it is needed.

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