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Contact & Negotiation Services

The purpose of this service is to use our expertise and status as a state institution to create opportunity for our Institute clients. Through this service we will contact, introduce, and commence the negotiation process with one or more potential: customers; clients; joint venture partners; technology licensees; technology transferees; technology licensors; technology transferors; United States Exporters; or acquisition targets in a country for a particular Client in a particular industry. Where requested, we negotiate a potential international transaction to a term sheet level, when we hand off the process to the Institute Client and their legal counsel. An Executive or Entrepreneur will be able to use this service to narrow down their target contacts in a country and use our Institute as a means to garner up-front credibility and status in the process. This service is best tied to one of our “Identification Reports”.

In today’s economic and political climate, critical factors in accessing and maintaining markets in select industries require leverage and professionalism. Our Institute can provide both and smooth the early negotiation process. Due to our research, cultural and language capabilities we can initiate a deeper, more thorough, and more deal sensitive early approach than that available from most conventional sources. Where possible, we team graduate students of the country selected with our Professional Staff to assist in making the other side comfortable that the client is sensitive to their cultural and local issues. We employ the latest research and negotiation techniques. We use specialized software to obtain the most up to date data for each new approach. This accompanied by the experience and expertise of our Professional Staff creates a system designed to ensure that the most advantageous and positive beginning to a new commercial relationship can be accomplished in each Client case.

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