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Country Reports

The purpose of these Institute Reports is to provide an up to date, detailed, and comprehensive overview of the export market selected. An Executive or Entrepreneur will be able to subscribe for one of our Institute Reports and be conversant with all the key country issues. In today’s economic and political climate, critical factors in accessing and maintaining export markets are changing rapidly. Our Reports are deeper, more thorough, and more time sensitive in presentation than that available from most conventional sources. They are prepared by our staff and graduate students from around the world. Where possible, we team graduate students of the country selected with our Professional Staff to produce the Report to create “local insight”.

Our Institute Reports are broken up into “factor chapters”. Each chapter provides a comprehensive summary of a critical factor to be understood in deciding to enter an export market or in developing that market. Country Report factors include: political; economic; legal; macro-economic; micro-economic; security; exchange rate volatility; accounting standards; tax; customs; cultural; regional trade block participation; export directed bi-lateral treaty summaries; export directed multi-lateral treaty summaries; and a summary of recent country related news. All of our Reports are built on computer generated templates so they have a common “UNA Institute look and feel”, regardless of the team working on each report. This ensures continuity in the material covered as well as its level of detail. We employ the latest research techniques and use specialized software to obtain the most up to date data for each Report. This accompanied by the experience and expertise of our Professional Staff creates a Report designed to assemble the data on which immediate commercial decisions can be made.

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