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Due Diligence

Due Diligence ( 1 Files )

Resource material for due diligence


Patents ( 0 Files )

Resource material for patents

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer ( 1 Files )

Resource material for technology transfer


Copyright ( 1 Files )

Resource material for copyright


Trademarks ( 2 Files )

Resource material for trademarks

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property ( 10 Files )

Resource material of intellectual property

Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management ( 2 Files )

Resource material for intellectual property management

Resource Material License

Our Professional Staff, Founding Sponsors, Advisory Board Members, and affiliate organizations have contributed resource materials on a variety of topics. Among these topics are: intellectual property; technology transfer; licensing, and international business. These materials are posted here for your complimentary use.  

The purpose of providing such materials is to educate, and to offer background and expertise in subject areas that will be useful starting points in planning for and conducting international transactions that are associated with technology and intellectual property.

Please feel free to contact our office or the organizations responsible for writing the posted material for further information or assistance. Please also visit our Education and Training page to view courses and training offered in these fields.

These materials are licensed and are not to be reproduced except for the internal use of a business that is downloading them or for research purposes. They are not to be commercially sold, or to form part of a composite or derivative work. The names and addresses of the creating parties are not to be obliterated from any copies made.

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